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Wildfire is Back with a Twist

The Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon is glad to announce the relaunch of ‘Wildfire’, the only Brazilian cuisine restaurant in Delhi NCR. The popularity it has gained from the introduction of Brazilian cuisine in the soils of Delhi NCR. Wildfire also introduces special offers for lunches and a uniquely crafted authentic Italian menu complimented with its new look in gratitude of our guests. 

Experience the Brazilian Churrascaria with unlimited skewered meats, seafood and other vegetarian delicacies carved directly onto your plate by our skillful Chefs. Cuisine will feature the natural beauty of local and seasonal ingredients in an appropriate and sumptuous manner. Traditional techniques of Brazil and Italy will be an overwhelming inspiration. revamped set up transmutes one into the world of authentic flavors served by the chefs of the abounding regions.

The interiors of the reconstructed restaurant show a plethora of colors and patterns inspired from inspired from Brazil and Italy. The architecture is a mingling of old and new, marriage of straight line, contemporary and bold experimentation with shapes. Fountains of flame billow outside the glass wall add up to the ambience. Spotting of the Mosaic pattern at the entrance, the cheek Italian Chandelier , Onyx back lit marble being one of the highlights , specially designed art work to bring the element of wildfire to uplift the overall environment. ,  Chairs handpicked from Spain for comport and the latest Pizza Oven to offer delicacies from Italy. Show plate picking elements from the restaurant and finished in a Mosaic pattern  being few of the highlights of the restaurant. You will also spot the  use of antique and metallic elements to present the modern and contemporary look and feel of the newly designed Wildfire .

The restaurant offers a comfortable seating with lively background music which also provides a perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a group get together.  The chef presents you some traditional mouth watering Brazilian delicacies like Coxa De Frango,Paleta De Cordeiro , Fraldinha , Camarao , Salmaon and many more . While being a paradise for meat lovers  the menu  also offers a flavorful treat for vegetarians with delicacies like Batata recheado , Abacaxi Assado , Tortilha De Feijao etc. The chef now also presents you the concept of Italian culinary to the palate with some delectable Italian delicacies ranging from the very basic Fresh Tomato Soup to a Classic Italian Tiramisu.

The gourmet trip to Brazil and Italy, starting from ‘The Wildfire’, guarantees you an extravaganza of flavors to satisfy your palettes to the best. Look forward to providing guests with an exceptional upscale dining experience that will consistently exceed the expectations.

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