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Pasta In A Cheese Wheel and Burrata Cheese are Fresh Offerings From The Lalit, New Delhi

Over the last couple of my visits at The Lalit, New Delhi, I realized that over the time we have forgotten about this hotel. May be in this fast moving world and ever speeding and changing F&B scenario in Delhi , we might have missed it. But let me assure you that this hotel’s F&B is extremely competitive. Specially The Grill Room (that serves the finest grill in town), Baluchi (their naan-ery paired with wine will leave you on craving for more and not to forget their Dal Baluchi – absolutely Delicious.)

My last experience at The Grill Room was extremely satisfying and the best thing which I like about the place is the way they have paired their food with wine.

This time I went to The Lalit for a special promotion and met with the young and super enthusiastic Restaurant Manager Aman Gujral. His knowledge on wines are simply outstanding. At the restaurant, I would suggest to ask for Aman’s recommendation for wine. His suggestion on pairing is absolutely brilliant and you will simply love it.

Now I would like you to Imagine freshly cooked hot piping pasta tossed in a cheese wheel of parmesan! The freshness and the flavour of parmesan getting into your hot pasta and served on your table. Simply amazing! I never had this before and I have been told that The lalit are the first ones to introduce this in Delhi.

While I was enjoying the freshly tossed pasta and was wondering what if this cheese wheel can be used to toss freshly baked vegetables or scrambled eggs or maybe even mashed potatoes. Well the options are endless.

Another dish which I tried was Burrata Cheese. It is a fresh Italian cheese freshly made from cow’s milk and is a distant cousin of mozzarella. Outer shell is little stretchy and when you bite, it oozes softness and melts in your mouth. Offcourse cheese lovers would thoroughly enjoy!

Based on our discussion with Aman he suggested us to try petits grains de folie, a young sweet wine which actually worked really well with our cheese.

Next time when you are at The Lalit, don’t forget to ask for Aman and leave the pairing on him.

You can thank me later J

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