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#BloggersOnTheRoad – The Beginning

मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर

लोग साथ आते गये और कारवां बनता गया

  • मजरूह सुलतानपुरी

(I was alone when I started my journey to achieve my goal .But people started joining me and together we walked towards the goal/destination).

I am a travel fanatic and always ready to explore and venture out new places including the ones that are famous and attract tourist too. Travel is enlightening. It provides new experiences, an opportunity to rejuvenate, creates meaningful relationships with people you meet and also an amazing way to spend time with family and friends. The reason are simple and people have different others reasons for travelling too. We love to spend on experiences and travel does give ample unforgettable and joyous moments.

My memorable journeys have been travelling by train, bus, car or bike for the simple reason you got chance to connect with people, the culture and the locals.

I love long drives and over the years I have done lot of road trips, mostly either with family, friends and colleagues. It has always inspired me and has been a key to a genuine contentment and motivates me to reach my full potential and this has kept my passion alive.

Since I started blogging I always wanted to focus on travel especially road trips. My passion for travel led to the idea of starting a series on road trip where we will not only explore food (my main focus: P) but will also focus on art, culture and people. Interestingly (and thankfully) I met Nikhil Chawla and Ritu Rajput  and they equally shared my passion and liked the idea of road trip series and that’s how #bloggersontheroad came into being.

It’s journey of three bloggers of different genre sharing the same passion – to Explore.

Like with every new work that we start, we seek blessings of the Higher Self! Without blessings of GOD, any journey is incomplete. We decided and planned our first road trip to Amritsar, the holy city.

As we shared our idea with people, some of them agreed to partner with us and became our sponsors too. Ford India happily agreed to give us their ecosport (A Perfect Mix of Bold Looks & SUV Capabilities. Feels Like Family! Paperboat (tastes good and feels nutritious) decided to give us their cool drinks. Hyatt Regency (best 5 star luxury hotel) Delhi and Amritsar both showed equal interest and hosted us.

With this amazing kick-start we began our journey. We started on Friday early morning and I need to tell you that our experience through his journey cannot be quantified. It was meaningful, memorable and this road trip was worthwhile. I also take this prime opportunity to express my gratitude towards life, our sponsors and the start of #bloggersontheroad.

In my next post I will share about our road journey, our experience in Amritsar and a lot more.


#BOTRPartner – Hyatt Amritsar Ford Motor Company Paper Boat
Location Courtesy – Hyatt Regency Delhi



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