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Guppy by ai celebrates Hanami with a new Summer Menu

What and Where

Hanami celebration at Guppy by ai from April-May 2016 with a cool Summer menu!

Address- 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Timings: 12 to 3.30 and 7pm to 1am

Lunch for two: 1300 ++

Dinner for two: 1800 ++

For Reservation – 01124690005 / 6, +919650185005

Website ;

Hanami season in April is when cherry blossom (sakura flower) trees all over Japan burst into bloom. People flock outdoors to vie and celebrate this beautiful natural phenomenon; the word ‘hana’ means ‘flower’ while mi’ means ‘to look’. This is a great time of the year as the weather heralds the end of a harsh winter and a new beginning with spring-summer ushering in.

Chef Vikram Khatri presents an all-new summer menu inspired by the cherry blossom — Hanami— viewing festival and embodying the four essential elements of cookery: harmony, tradition, wisdom and balance. His menu comprises not just vegetarian, but vegan dishes as well, where the focus is on delicious dishes high on nutritional value as it involves minimum cooking time.

Salads, sushi, sashimi and cold noodles with gourmet ingredients like scallop carpaccio, Japanese gingko nut, jelly ceviche and more are all on offer. Seasonal produce has a big influence on Japanese food. A large number of classical Japanese dishes are made using fresh produce which makes the food flavourful. Health, wellbeing and lifestyle in Japan are directly influenced by the nation’s food habits. Chef Vikram is a firm believer of these tenets and has used fresh and seasonal ingredients in the Hanami menu, like pumpkin, Sakura wood, konjac jelly, gingko nut, mangoes, green tea buckwheat noodle and Japanese eel to their fullest potentials.

Summer, is incomplete without fresh cocktails and mangoes! This new summer menu spoils us with options of cocktails like Sendai (vodka, fresh kiwi, fresh melon and lime), Plum Blossom (sochu, umeshu fresh plum and lime) and Umetini (sake, umeshu and gold leaf) amongst others, as well as absolutely delicious mango dishes like Mango and avocado cream cheese roll and Mango and tuna​ ​roll. End this perfect summer meal with mango, liquorice and coconut ice-cream!

The festival presents a melting pot of all things Japanese. It is also the perfect time to visit Guppy by ai to enjoy various workshops, activations and classes including Sushi Master Classes & Sunday Family Table Brunch with a special kids menu and activities for kids!

Sushi Master Classes

Master the different techniques and delicate flavour pairings essential in creating authentic sushi with the chefs at Guppy.

Sunday Family Table Brunch

Calling all family members to Guppy for a hearty Hanami meal on a cherry-blossoming Sunday, where little ones can choose what they wish to devour from a menu especially curated for them along with little chefs’ cooking classes, an art splash corner,  goody bags and origami making!

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