Chok Wangun( Khatte Baingun(eggplants

Dawat-e-Wazwaan at Cafe on 3, Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar

“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast” this is a famous Persian couplet by Amir Khusro.

In simple words this explains how beautiful Kashmir is and so is their cuisine. Kashmiri Cuisine is one of the most cherished cuisines in India. The most important ingredient of Kashmiri cuisine is Meat. It is said that they use more than 30 varieties. This cuisine uses ingredients available in Kashmir like haq, gucchi, saffron, kashmiri chilli powder, fennel seeds powder that gives the dishes an exotic aroma and the long simmering over low flame enhancing the flavors of the dishes.

DSC_6956_00006Though we all know that Kashmiri food is all about meat and is a non-vegetarian affair; but the most important point is that this cuisine also has some excellent vegetarian food.

Last week we had discussion on vegetarian food on our bloggers group on facebook and I actually realised that being a hard-core non-vegetarian I sometimes miss vegetarian food.

I received invitation from Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar to review and enjoy their ongoing Kashmiri food festival. I decided that I will also focus on vegetarian dishes which I usually tend to write/relish minimal.

They have rotational menu and the festival is on till 24th of this month. Here is my pick of dishes from the festival.

  1. Chok Wangun( Khatte Baingun(eggplants) – this was the star dish of the festival. Eggplant cooked in Kashmiri ingredients and tamarind paste which gives it tangy flavour. It was cooked with the skin and I just loved it. You shouldn’t miss it
  2. Kashmiri Aloo Dum – The use of Kashmiri chilli makes this dish very special. Chef Gulzar said that if you use small sized potato, the dish becomes all the more delicious. Slow cooking is the key to make perfect dum aloo. You need golf ball size potatoes for this dish. Firm new potato that all evenly sized and cooked to desired doneness without falling apart.
  3.  Haakh saag  – Kashmiri saag which has flavour of mustard is commonly used at Kashmiri homes. It’s one of the commonly used dishes in any function or festival.
  4. Goustaba – one of the most delicious dishes of Kashmiri wazwan. None of the functions are complete without this dish. Mutton minced balls cooked in curd and spices. Chef Gulzar who works with a restaurant in Kashmir shared that all the preparations are done in pure ghee which makes each dish more delicious and rich.
  5. Tabak Maaz – this is also one of the most important dishes of wazwan. Double cooked lamb ribs, first simmered in yogurt till tender then fried and is most served as starter

I must say that this Kashmiri food festival was one of the most delicious events that I have attended so far – a great start to 2016! Festival is on till 24th of this month and is open for  dinner. If you are fan of Kashmiri cuisine, you shouldn’t miss this food festival.

Click here to see the festival album.


Cafe on 3,

District Centre,
Mayur Vihar

New Delhi, India

011 4110 5555
You can find them on facebook here 


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