Essence,Park Plaza, Zirakpur – Par Excellence!

Blue cheese, white chocolate and apple syrup soup

Last week I was tired and was not in a mood to write for my blog. I was looking for some inspiration and motivation for myself (yes we as writers too need inspiration to write interesting stuff).

Delhi doesn’t have good weekend gateways where you can relax and chill for couple of days, refresh yourself and come back. There are numerous such getaways in Mumbai (The intention isn’t to create a comparison between Mumbai and Delhi).

Amidst this, my friend invited me to meet him at Chandigarh as he was staying at Park Plaza, Zirakpur. I decided to tag along
At Park Plaza, I met Executive chef Raman Preet Singh Ahluwalia. I was tired of the journey and didn’t prefer the regular buffet at “Essence”. I requested for something light and smilingly Chef asked us to meet at 1 PM.
Nut crumbled river fish with sundried tomato compote with yellow pepper coulis
I wasn’t too eager to have lunch and had apprehensions thinking that even the western food might have flavours of Punjab. Chef served us four course meal that was simply superb! Presentation, styling, taste – everything was just perfect! I clearly felt that I wouldn’t find something so simple and yet westernized everywhere and rare places in Delhi.
Blue cheese, white chocolate and apple syrup soup was interesting. Sweet and little tangy gave the perfect zest and was all the way winner for me.  served Nut crumbled river fish with sundried tomato compotewith yellow pepper coulis – loved the nutty crunchiness of the fish and the coulis complemented well with the fish. I also had Tarragon and chicken that are considered as perfect partners and thyme jus made it absolutely delicious.
Tarragon and chicken routale 
We finished our meal with baked yogurt, citrus cheese cake and dark chocolate truffle. A wonderful lunch at Chandigarh and these preparations can beat some of the best restaurants of Delhi too!
baked yogurt, citrus cheese cake and dark chocolate truffle
In my next post I will share my experience on dinner at Zaranj which is indo –Pakistani restaurant at Park Plaza as well as my oriental lunch at Essence that I relished the next day.
Essence at Park Plaza, Zirakpur is a restaurant par excellence! If you happen to be at Chandigarh or planning a trip – Enjoy your meal at Essence! 


  • Food9
  • Service9
  • Ambiance9
  • Price 9
  • Presentation 9
  • 9


Everyone has a unique palate and my reviews are purely based on my likes and dislikes. This blog reveals my lust for food, pictures that I own, food that I love, cuisines that I tasted, imperfect culinary skills that I possess and to top it all this blog is my passion . Each experience calls out the history of how I ended up being at a particular place. Join Me in this culinary journey of comfort food, the rich and hearty meals, delectable platters, distinctive recipes and savoury Gourmet!

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