Mocktails created by Delhi Daredevils at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity

Zaheer Khan poses with his mocktail York-Khus
Cricket is more like a religion in India. The enthusiasm, passion and craze for cricket catches up with every season. Every restaurant and pub gears up during cricket season and with IPL – the obsession and the fever catches on!  

Last week we were invited at JW Marriott , Aerocity where some of the team members of Delhi Daredavils were busy making various mocktails. Interestingly they were named after the players. Like Duminy’s Hatrick-Panna , Morkel’s “All Honeydew Rounder” , Zaheer’s York-khus  and many more. The interesting names were based on strength of players. It was fun filled afternoon and interesting to watch our cricket players, enthusiastically preparing mocktails. Below are two of my favorite mocktails – simple and easy to make. Do try them at home and share with us your thoughts..
Albie Morkel with Beverage Manager Ankur Chawla at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity 
Zaheer’s York-khus 
                        Ingredients :-
                        –Khus Syrup – 30ml
                        –Lemon Juice – 10ml
                        –Mint leaves – 5/6 pcs
                        –Rock salt – pinch
                        –Soda & 7up – top up 
                        –Kewra Water – Dash
                        –Thai Lemon – Garnish
                        Method :- 
                        Price :-
                        –Rs. 440/-
Morkel’s “All Honeydew Rounder”
                        Ingredients :-
                        –Honeydew Melon Juice – 30ml
                        –Cucumber Juice – 60ml
                        –Lime Juice – 15ml
                        –Mandarin Wedges – 4 
                        –7 up – top up 
                        –Cucumber (Kappa) – to garnish
                        Method :- 
                        Price :-
                        –Rs. 440/-

These new mocktails will be available at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity till 24th May, 2015.

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