Cafe Delhi Heights, Promnade Mall, Vasant Kunj

 There are some places that you would prefer visiting multiple times as they not only serve good food, but also you are awed by their service and hospitality. Also there are places when you visit for the first time as you had heard good reviews,
but you end up being disappointed. I had a similar experience of sheer disappointment when I visited Café Delhi Heights. Post watching movie at Priya, my son wanted to play at Kiddyland. We weren’t too hungry and thought of trying something light at Café Delhi heights.

We reached around 4.30 and it wasn’t crowded then. It’s small place with around seating arrangement for 25-30 people. We sat close to the balcony area. For the first 10 min, no one just bothered to give us the menu. I had to call out for menu as well as water. As we weren’t hungry,  I didn’t order their famous juicy lucy burger. We ordered pasta in white sauce (create your own pasta), sweet and sour sausages and two homemade lemonade ( Simple and the other with mint). 

Service was prompt and it reached our table pretty fast. My son loves pasta and we had specifically asked them not to make it hot and spicy. Pasta had loads of black pepper and He refused to eat . We didn’t enjoy the sausages as well. Felt it was bland and we couldn’t even figure out if it was pork sausages or chicken. We had ordered pork sausages. We had to remind twice for our Lemonades. Finally the lemonades arrived when we requested for cheque.

 Both the lemonades were fresh and delicious. Our total bill was approx. 2000 which I feel was really overratedexpensive considering the fact that didn’t order much.
Food was average and service slow and that too when it wasn’t at all crowded. I would have preferred going to big chill – our all-time favorite and I don’t think I will prefer visiting Delhi café heights again.

Everyone has a unique palate and my reviews are purely based on my likes and dislikes. This blog reveals my lust for food, pictures that I own, food that I love, cuisines that I tasted, imperfect culinary skills that I possess and to top it all this blog is my passion . Each experience calls out the history of how I ended up being at a particular place. Join Me in this culinary journey of comfort food, the rich and hearty meals, delectable platters, distinctive recipes and savoury Gourmet!

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