Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Cyberhub, Gurgaon – Parsi Treat in Delhi

The one eating out place I was waiting eagerly to open was Soda Bottle openerwala, the irani/parsi café. Delhi doesn’t have any irani café where you get those famous bun maska, keema pao, nan khatai,dhansak, mawa cake and berry pulao.

A D Singh and Chef Saby has brilliantly conceptualized to bring the original flavor of irani café in Delhi/NCR. It has nice retro looks which reminds you of the true irani cafes of Mumbai. In Mumbai, I would frequently visit IraniParsi café and loved the food and the café’s ambience.

When I entered in the restaurant it reminds one of the era of 70’s, the retro. Love the ambience the sitting arrangements and the pictures on the wall. I enjoyed the concept and was thrilled to see that there was a toy train running.

 As usual we decided to order berry pulao, keema pao, masala thumbs up and gunna nu ras.. The mutton berry pulao was topped with cranberries instead of zereshk, or barberries, that the Iranians love. Berry pulao was absolutely great, excellent taste, great flavor and the mutton pieces were perfectly cooked. Lagan Nu Custard – parsi style custard was yummilicious .

They need to work on their pao as it didn’t taste like the pao we eat in Mumbai  . Keema was little under cooked and lacked the true Parsi flavor. Gunna nu ras was fresh and with the hint of mint it tasted nice. Food was great and prompt service would definitely delight any customer.

I would certainly love go there and try their other items on the menu (especially the bun maska and vada pao), overall it was a great experience and I am looking forward for my next visit.

Everyone has a unique palate and my reviews are purely based on my likes and dislikes. This blog reveals my lust for food, pictures that I own, food that I love, cuisines that I tasted, imperfect culinary skills that I possess and to top it all this blog is my passion . Each experience calls out the history of how I ended up being at a particular place. Join Me in this culinary journey of comfort food, the rich and hearty meals, delectable platters, distinctive recipes and savoury Gourmet!

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