Pabrai – A new ice cream parlor – DLF Promnade Mall, Vasant Kunj

Sitaphal icecream
Pabrai ice cream parlor

Pabrai – A new ice cream parlor – A perfect timing to rename my blog to Mystic Foodie Mantra. While making my way around in DLF promenade, I spotted an Ice Cream Parlor on the 2nd Floor and stopped for a well deserved treat.   A mouth watering menu of fresh and natural ice cream ranging from fruit flavors to exotic flavors and Indian flavors were available for take away. Screening through the menu I spotted Sitafal icecream and was delighted to try the flavor. My heart skipped a beat as I reminisced strolling every evening to indulge my senses in “ Naturals” ice cream parlors in Mumbai and savor sitaphal ice cream.  Sitaphal ice cream is heavenly, sweet and different from all the regular ice creams.
At Pabrai, sitaphal flavor was expensive – 100 ruppes for a scoop. It is good, but then nothing that can beat “naturals” in Mumbai. But ofcourse worth a try!
If you love fruit flavors – this parlor is a must visit as they have variety of flavors.  There’s no substitute for nature’s original ingredients and cows milk that creates a traditionally rich and creamy ice cream.  For the diet conscious they have sugar free ice creams too.

Everyone has a unique palate and my reviews are purely based on my likes and dislikes. This blog reveals my lust for food, pictures that I own, food that I love, cuisines that I tasted, imperfect culinary skills that I possess and to top it all this blog is my passion . Each experience calls out the history of how I ended up being at a particular place. Join Me in this culinary journey of comfort food, the rich and hearty meals, delectable platters, distinctive recipes and savoury Gourmet!

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